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Roofing Inspections

Your Roof, Our Responsibility

At Western SkyView, we can provide reliable roofing inspections with our drone technology. Our team will visit your specified site and carry out one-off or routine inspections to ensure your property remains in top condition. With our 4K aerial photography and videography, we can identify issues that may be missed during traditional inspections, giving you peace of mind and saving you time and money.

City View from Above

Elevating Roof Care: Drones for Detailed Inspection

Our Inspection Process

Pre-Inpsection Prep


Client Consultation

Understanding your specific requirements or concerns. Areas of interest or potential issues our inspection should focus on.

Site Assessment

Identify potential obstacles, safety hazards, and optimal take-off and landing locations for the drone.

Drone Selection

We will determine the Drone and camera equipment most suitable and feasible for your inspection. 

Curate Flight Path


Roof Mapping

Create a detailed map of the roof area inputting dimensions and making allowances for proturuding structures.

Flight Path Planning

Utilize roof mapping data to plan a systemic drone flight path for optimal image and video capture.

Risk Assessment

Establish no-fly zones & emergency landing points within the flight path and evaluate weather conditions.

Aerial Roof Inspection


Flight Execution

Execute the planned map and flight path capturing 4K visuals of the roof. Ensure real-time monitoring.

Data Collection

Retrieve the captured visuals from storage. Label systematically, according to positioning, direction or custom spec.

Onsite Support

Onsite support for your additional questions, clarification or coordination of necessary repair if requested.

Compile & Analyze


Image Compilation

Desktop compilation of high-resolution drone visuals from the inspection. Categorized as per your requests.

Client Presentation

Provide media link for online access. All visuals will be downloadable and visible in the format of your choice.

​Create Visual Archive

Establish secure archives containing compiled images & video for future inspections or reference.

Optimize Your Online Experience

Roofing Inspections made easy with SkyPortal™

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Detailed Drone Inspection Reports

Our Reporting Process

Upon request Western SkyView will compile images into a customised report summary/appendix. This service caters to property owners or insurance companies and can be utilised in conjunction with roofing condition reports (AS 1562.1:2018, AS 1562.3:2018) or contractor work orders. The aim of our roofing inspection report is to itentify any or all of the following:

  • Existing damaged sections, structural deformities

  • Leaks, cracks, rust or corrosion or debris

  • Natural disturbances, animal nests, gutter clogging, water ponding

  • Compromised security areas  

Contact us below for more details on our Inspection Reports!

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